Holiday is just around the corner. Getting ready to attend or host parties or gatherings for friends and families? Below is a list of help for you to crush the holiday entertaining and cooking.

  1. Improve your mood. Preparation for the event can be stressful. So, take time to meditate, hit the gym or take a walk outside. Do whatever activity that can boost your mood. The better you feel, the easier it is to be a great host.
  2. Learn ways to keep your guests entertained when you are still cooking. You can either put up a beverage station or a self-serve bar, play a good background music, or simply ask help from your family or friends who are social butterflies to entertain your visitors while you are preparing the meal.
  3. Make certain there is sufficient food for everyone. Try to serve a number of different dishes. Usually, the more the options, the lesser the serving per individual.
  4. Stock up on easy last-minute holiday gifts. You’ll always have a gift to give when someone sends you a party invites or a friend or neighbours drop in your place unexpectedly. Holidays, specifically Christmas, is a gift-giving season after all.
  5. Cook your signature dish. Chances are, your family and friends already expect you or may request you to bring it. they won’t only love it, but it also eliminates the pressure.
  6. Prepare and cook what you can a day or two before the event. For instance, you can prepare the ingredients to be used for large meals in advance. This will help you avoid the pressure and frustrations.
  7. Don’t forget your shopping list. Conduct an inventory check of the kitchen then list what you need to buy.
  8. If there are leftovers, you can either give them to your visitors to take home, freeze the remaining food, or try to use the leftovers to cook new recipes.
  9. Get some help when it’s time to clean up. Or to minimise the mess and trash you need to clean, implement “clean as you go” policy.
  10. Have fun! The point of hosting parties is to have your loved ones come together to celebrate the holiday.

Throwing parties or attending gatherings can be a bit stressful, well at least without preparation. Hopefully, with the above mentioned tips, you’ll have the best holiday this year.

Written by gustoandgraceblo

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