Are you looking for office decorating ideas for your office to make your everyday routine a bit more exciting and bright? Nobody wants to work in a boring office and when it comes to office decorating ideas, there are some things that you must take into considerations. The following are 5 home office decorating ideas that can surely transform your office for a much better look.

  1. Brighten it up with colors

Putting some bold splashes of color can live your home office up. Don’t be afraid to use colors that are bright – you can start with the walls. You can use two complementary colors and use one for the major items such as walls, floors, etc.; the other one for the accessories such as pillows and desk stuff like pencil holders and baskets.

  1. Give it a safari theme

You can change the vibe of your home office by putting in a lot of plants, especially large plants. You can pain t the walls with a rich golden tan or creatively wallpaper it with bamboo wallpaper for a more “Safari” look. A dark mahogany can also make your office have a rick look. Use other small items with a “Safari” theme such as wastebasket, lamps, and wall art and pencil holders.

  1. Go on a Tropical look

This home décor theme can make you feel like you’re on a vacation even if you’re working. Using bright colors like yellow or sky blue on the walls works effectively for this theme. Adding bright tropical fabrics for the pillows and guest chairs can also do miracles to the whole look of your home office. For a complete look –keep your desk accessories that reflect a tropical theme.

  1. A skyline view is perfect

You can have your own home office with a good skyline view by installing a wall mural of a skyline view of a city. Murals are easy pretty to put up since they are just like wallpaper and they come in 2-3 sheets. This will definitely transform your home office for much better one which can make you feel like you’re in a mahogany row right on the top floor of a skyscraper.

  1. Add a collection of artistic artwork

Adding an art collection to your home office can eliminate its boring look. You can put it in such a way that the photographs or paintings on walls look much like a gallery. Your home office can be the best place to show off your art collection while giving you more excitement to work.

You don’t have to spend much to transform your home office nor have to be elaborate. With these 5 home office decorating ideas, simple changes to your home office can do wonders and make it more pleasant.

Written by gustoandgraceblo

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