Working like a freelancer or home-based sounds interesting – you can be spared from the heavy traffic jam and other unwanted things that you can encounter to and at work. However, working in a home office where you will not feel motivated to do your work can be one of the setbacks of home-based or freelance jobs. The following are home office decorating designs for a more productive space.

  1. Search for the right space

To keep your home office have a wider look, you can keep your things super-simple and minimal. You can put those unnecessary things in the cabinet or shelves. Desk lamps can also help in adding light while giving a more elegant and classy ambience. Make sure that all the things you need in your everyday routine can be accessed easily.

  1. Keep things you will need

A home office will never be a productive place to stay in if it is not complete will all the stuff you would need such as envelopes, pens, paper, and chargers. To avoid compromising the style of your space for storage, you can keep your office stuff in a glass-and-metal open shelving unit. Some pine storage crates and plastic storage bids (with lids) can work wonders on your seamless-looking storage by anchoring them on top and bottom of the shelving unit. Curtains and area rug can also add beauty to the appearance of your space.

  1. Give attention to wall decors

To brighten up the whole room, use a bright visual feature. You can put a calendar so you can have a view of the month at one glance, posters, framed photos or anything that you think would be a great addition to your wall décor.

  1. Go green

You can also put office plants in your productive space to add a cool look in your working area while boosting happiness and productivity, as what studies have shown. They can make a big difference. Choose plants that need low maintenance and will thrive indoors such as succulents, rubber and snake plants.

  1. Make it yours

Design the room according to your personality. You can make it feel more comfortable, meaningful and your own by putting some personal touch like artworks, inspiring quotes, and photographs of your family.

With these home office ideas to design a productive space, working with a remote job or freelance job at home will be more like doing your favourite hobby. In addition to that, it can cut workplace distractions so you’ll accomplish more and be more productive.

Written by gustoandgraceblo

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